Translation of "try on" to French language:

  Examples (External sources, not reviewed)

Come on, try Come on, try Come on, try a little harder
Allez, encore un petit effort
Try it on, try it on.
Come on, try Come on, try
Allez, vasy
Come on, Ensign, try! Try!
Un effort !
Try one. Go on, try one!
Essayez, goûtezen une !
Well, try it. Go on, try it.
Soit, essayez pour voir.
So go on and try, just try
Alors, essaie toujours, vasy
Come on, try it now, try it!
Allez, essaie maintenant, vasy !
Why won't you try it on? Try it.
Eh bien, pourquoi tu ne le mets pas?
Come on, Chester, try and remember. Try real hard.
Essaie de te souvenir.
Try this on. I don't want to try that on. Why not?
Non, je veux pas.
Try what you tried on that fucking bitch. Try it on me.
Essaye ce que tu as fait à cette putain de salope.
I'm going to try it on. No. Don't try it on now.
Laissemoi l'essayer.
Try it on.
Essaie le !
Try it on.
Mettez la.
Come on, try.
Mais essaye.
Try them on.
Essaie les.
Try these on.
Et évite de marcher sur les pieds de qui tu sais.
Try this on.
Essaye ça.
Try on them.
Essayezles !
Try these on.
Come on, try.
Allez, essayez.
Try it on!
Tu vas l'essayer.
Try them on.
Try it on.
Metsla !
Try it on!
Oh Nathan !
Try it on.
Try it on.
Try it on.
Try it on.
Try it on.
Come on, try.
Allez, essaie.
Try those on.
Essaie ça.
Try this on.
Ça ne sera pas long.
Try it on.
Va l'essayer.
Try it on.
Try them on.
Va les essayer.
Try it on.
C'est terne.
Try on anything.
Try. Go on.
Go on. Try.
Go on, try.
Essayez !
Try it on?
Try, come on.
Come on, try!
Allez, essaie !