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Deal, deal, deal, deal, deal.
Un accord... je ne sais pas.
Deal after deal after deal after deal.
L'un après l'autre, encore et encore.
Deal my cards! Just hurry up and deal my cards. Deal, deal, deal!
Distribue les cartes !
Deal. Deal.
Tope là.
Deal , deal .
Marché conclu .
Deal, deal.
Distribue, distribue.
Deal? Deal.
Deal? Deal.
Deal. Deal!
Marché conclu !
A deal deal!
Un marché, quoi!
Deal. Deal. Fine.
T'as gagné,ça va.
Deal or no deal
Le joueur gagneName
Deal here, deal there.
Trafic parci, trafic parlà.
The deal. The deal?
Le contrat.
Deal or no deal?
1000 taels, ça te va ?
A deal is a deal.
Un accord est un accord.
Cut the talk. Deal, deal.
Assez parlé, donne!
No deal, Nick. No deal.
Plus d'accord !
A deal is a deal.
Un arrangement est un arrangement.
A deal is a deal.
Marché conclu !
Speak, deal or no deal?
Alors, marché conclu ou non ?
A deal, it's a deal.
Un marché est un marché !
Remember our deal? What deal?
Tu te souviens de notre marché?
That's the deal. That's the deal.
C'est comme ça!
Close the deal. Close the deal.
Fais signer le contrat.
But a deal is a deal.
Et nos accords ?
And a deal is a deal.
Mais un accord est un accord.
It's a deal. It's a deal.
Marché conclu ?
You want to deal, Swain? Deal?
Pourquoi ?
Well, a deal is a deal.
Bien, une affaire est une affaire.
Okay, that's a fair deal. Deal.
C'est un bon marché.
That's a deal. It's a deal?
Cela marche.
No deal. No, no deal, Catherine.
On ne négocie pas.
Why is a deal not a deal?
Pourquoi les choses promises ne sont elles pas dues?
You didn't have a deal? No deal.
Tu n'avais pas un plan ?
I'II make you a deal. A deal?
Je te propose un marché.
Okay, it's a deal, it's a deal!
Ok, j'accepte, j'accepte!
I got big deal. Very big deal.
J'ai fait un bon marché.
A big deal, a very big deal.
Une grosse affaire.
He wants to make a deal. A deal?
Il veut traiter avec nous.
Listen, with me, a deal is a deal.
Un marché est un marché.
No deal is better than a bad deal.
Ne pas avoir d accord est préférable à un mauvais accord.
The deal is, there is no deal yet.
Justement, rien de neuf.
What do you say, deal or no deal?
Qu'en ditesvous? Marche conclu ou non?
Deal with it? I can't deal with this.
Mais je ne veux pas.


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